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14 September 2019

Details That Make a Difference at Your Event

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Whether the event you are hosting is a reception, a happy hour or a training day, it is of utmost importance to make sure your guests are comfortable. Details play a key role, especially in the event planning industry. Here are some essential elements that contribute to an enhanced positive experience for your guests.

Your Caterer

A food service is always a crowd pleaser. According to the type of event hosted, plan for appetizers, snacks, and refreshments that everyone will enjoy. Even the smallest detail can make a difference! Consider possible food allergies and intolerances. In order to accommodate such restrictions, try providing a number of options if your budget allows it. If this is not possible, do not hesitate to make simpler choices that will please a maximum of guests.

Our caterers are at your service to help you choose the menu that will best suit your event. The catering services available are:

  • Fairmont Château Frontenac Catering Services
  • George V banquet and catering services of Hôtel Château Laurier Québec

The Musical Atmosphere

Music is a great way to add a warm, convivial spirit to your event. It will also facilitate conversation among your guests and brighten up the evening; however, the impact of acoustics must not be overlooked. The more noise in the room, the louder people will talk. It is thus recommended that the sound level of the music does not exceed 70 decibels. After all, people will surely want to chat, share, and connect with each other without the extra challenge of trying to be heard.

The Decor

Upon their arrival, your guests will certainly take a moment to take in the venue’s decor. Is it worth a gander? Whether it is wall decorations, centerpieces or even place cards, these embellishments will draw attention. Indeed, the style and creativity of your decorative touches will be assessed by all in attendance. Originality is often rewarded.

The Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to the well-being and security of your guests. Make sure the room is sufficiently lit so attendees are able to move around safely.

To add to the welcoming ambience, use warm lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for dining and drinking. On the other hand, cooler lighting can be used if a more fantastic, intimate or mysterious atmosphere is desired.

Additionally, if you want to immortalize your event, use the services of a professional photographer and advise him/her about the kind of lighting you chose so that they bring the proper photographic equipment to produce the best quality pictures possible. The Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury partnered up with a vendor that can assist you with all your technical needs. Ask our team for more information.

The Clearance Between Tables

No matter where your event takes place, you should make sure that the room layout allows for easy navigation. Prioritize large spaces at entrances and where people will be moving around. It is recommended to leave a 50 cm clearance between chairs and tables. Try to keep this ratio as this layout will be more convenient for both your guests and your staff.

The Temperature of the Room

The temperature of the room may appear like a trifling detail, but nobody likes it when it gets too cold or too warm. Consider the time of the year and the weather forecasts when planning your event since it is likely to influence your guests’ choice of outfit. Temperature, humidity, air quality, and surface temperatures are factors to take into consideration in your room. In general, ideal room temperature is 18 °C. It will seem chilly at first, but remember that the room will be filled with people whose body heat will raise the temperature quite significantly in a short span of time.

The Quality of Service

Service is essential; good service is critical. It is one of the major aspects of the evening your guests will remember. Communication is an important factor here. In all the action, some information might not get shared to all team members. A preliminary team meeting is an efficient way to communicate your expectations to the entire event staff. Whether it is about the approach to be used towards the guests, the deadlines or the event components that should be monitored, it is essential that all team members have consistent guidelines. This advice is especially true if you deal with contract workers or volunteers.

Of course, this list of significant details is not exhaustive. Each event, company, and target audience has particular needs which you will need to accommodate. During your planning process, make a list of all the event elements, even those that may seem trivial to you. This way, you simply cannot forget anything.

Bien entendu, cette liste de détails non négligeables n’est pas exhaustive. Chaque événement, entreprise et public cible ont des besoins particuliers auxquels vous devrez vous adapter. Au cours de votre processus de planification, prenez en note tous les éléments qui vous semblent anodins. Ainsi, vous serez en mesure de ne rien oublier!