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11 January 2019

What kind of events can you hold at the MMVQ?

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Any occasion is a good reason to organize an event. Whether it’s for work, something personal, or to support a good cause, it’s always nice to get together or to celebrate!

The rooms at the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury are versatiles and can be customized to suit the needs and tone of any event.

Corporate Events

Companies use all sorts of corporate events to achieve their objectives. Whether you’re looking to reward your employees, provide training, make a sale, organize a trade show, or showcase company achievements, the possibilities are endless.


Occasionally, you may need to organize training days for your employees to keep their knowledge up to date. You can book one of our rooms for a presentation or a seminar.

Our spaces can be configured to accommodate all kinds of training events, from guest speaker sessions to hands-on workshops.


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Whether you’re bringing together shareholders, investors, executives, or business partners, meetings are vital for taking stock and making decisions. And meeting in a neutral place can help put participants at ease.

Team-building Activities

It’s also important to get your employees together to forge solid working relationships. A tight-knit team will perform better. There are lots of team-building activities out there. The important thing is that your employees get to know each other better so they can tackle challenges together.

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Recognition galas and VIP experiences

Depending on your industry and your company, each of your employees will likely have specific objectives to achieve. It can be stimulating to organize events that encourage them to exceed these objectives and become ambassadors for your company. Organizing a recognition gala, a special trip, or a VIP experience for your top employees is a great way to motivate people. The most important thing is to make the event truly rewarding and valuable for your employees.

VIP events are also an excellent way to build customer loyalty.

Soirée des Leaders 2018 de la Fondation de la Maison Michel-Sarrazin

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

It’s always exciting to organize or attend trade shows and exhibitions to promote your products or services. It’s a great way to make sales and build new partnerships with suppliers.


When marketing a new product, launch events are key. A good launch can help you drive sales, snag media attention, and show your appreciation to potential customers, giving your product the boost it needs to gain a strong foothold and stand out in the marketplace.

Networking Events

Networking is essential in the business world. Rather than simply attending other people’s events, why not organize your own? Hosting an event is a sure-fire way to make a splash and increase your company’s visibility.

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Business Dinners

Employees always appreciate it when you take time to celebrate major achievements, the holiday season, or the end of a busy period. Business dinners are a way to recognize and celebrate your team’s hard work.

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Some types of corporate events can also be adapted for a university context. Many institutions hold research seminars, grad parties, or competitions.

Private Events

Some milestones in life are meant to be celebrated in style. Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and family reunions are opportunities to get together with your loved ones and celebrate.

The rooms at MMVQ are perfect for events of all sizes. You can host both large receptions and smaller, more intimate events.

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Charity Events

Why not organize a charity event like a fundraising dinner, theme night, benefit show, sports event, or gala? There’s no limit to the many ways you can raise funds. Organizing an event to support a cause you’re passionate about is an important gesture that will make a difference, no matter how much money you raise.

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Entertainment Events

Looking to host a theme night or show? Organizing an event can be a lot of fun. Just give some thought to what you want to achieve and how your event might take shape. All it takes is an idea!

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You can organize any kind of event at the MMVQ. No matter what you have in mind, feel free to contact us to learn about all the possibilities the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury has to offer. Our team will help you make your vision a reality.